Google patents the “sticky machine” to reduce injuries

Most of the injuries that pedestrians receive in a collision with a car come from a blow to the hood. At the same time, a person receives more often heavier injuries outside the roadway, bouncing from the car. To solve this problem undertaken … Google specialists.

More recently, they patented a special adhesive substance, which will be applied to the hoods of unmanned vehicles. At the time of the collision, the victim will no longer fly away by several meters, but simply stick to him.

Google droneGoogle unmanned machine

The question immediately arises: what to do with dust and garbage, which will certainly stick during movement? The secret is that the adhesive coating in the normal state, as it were, “sleeps” and “wakes up” only at the time of the collision, exposing the adhesive layer.

Kevin Clinton, Head of the Road Safety Security of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Great Britain), so responded about this know-how:

“This idea is an excellent example of how quickly automotive technologies are developing”.

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