Google opened access to the service from DDOS attacks Project Shield

DDOS attacks can be used for a number of reasons — as a threat of a particular company, for the sake of entertainment and so on. Google describes Project Shield as another way to expand and strengthen the existing security infrastructure of the company, as well as a way to prevent attacks on media resources and already mentioned organizations to protect human rights.

«We learned a lot of early testers from our group Project Shield», — Jared Cohen, President of Jigsaw and Alphabet, Maternal company Google, stated. «We managed not only to maintain sites online during attacks, which otherwise would send them offline — We discovered critical information about how such types of attacks happen and how we can improve our services to protect ourselves from them. With this expansion, tens of thousands of news sites will gain access to Project Shield».

Despite the fact that DDOS attacks are far from the most dangerous problem in the field of cybersecurity, the technique has recently become much more complicated and common. It is used for hacker attacks on everything, starting with game online stores and ending with government agencies.

This is what Project Shield technology should prevent. If we take into account that it is absolutely free for use, it can be noted that the project is more intended for small organizations that may not have enough means to provide serious protection from hacker attacks.


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