Google produces mosquitoes in large cities

The huge Alphabet corporation has grown from Google is engaged in projects in many areas, and now mosquitoes are seriously interested in it. Its subsidiary Verily conducted successful tests for the mass destruction of this type of insects without harm to other living creatures. More precisely, the company has technologies for organizing mosquito genocide anywhere in the planet, but so far there is no idea about the influence of such events on the nature as a whole.

Why destroy mosquitoes, inhabitants of hot California do not need to explain – for the first experiment, a local district of fresco was chosen. Verily’s special Verily van has traveled 3,000 households and released 15 million. Male mosquitoes. All of them were infected with Wolbachia bacterium, which made them barren, but capable of mating. Such mosquitoes will not give offspring and prevent it from doing this to healthy individuals, which after several generations will lead to a total decrease in the population.

Mosquito-sabotage mosquitoes were grown in special boxes with microclimate, under the control of robots, each of them has a unique identifier and all of them are taken into account in the database. Laser scanners are used to track the movements of adult mosquitoes, which allows you to release a strictly defined number of them into the environment. The entire process is in advance, risks are calculated, for each mosquito detachment, the landing coordinates are determined, and the whole process is under automation control. Theoretically, if you put the equipment on the chassis of the Bestrostilnik car, the process can be implemented without the participation of a person.

Komarov released the whole of 2017, and this year summed up the results. And they are impressive – on the California lands they managed to destroy 95 % of all mosquitoes, and in the Australian Innisfaile —80 %. And here it is time to sound the alarm, because mother nature during evolution took her place in the cycle of life for mosquitoes. For example, without mosquitoes it is impossible to breed fish in freshwater reservoirs, because fry feed on their larvae. And if Alphabet is seriously going to engage in mosquito genocide, albeit under good statements about the fight against malaria and Zika virus, then this potentially bears the risk of big problems for the planet.


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