Google plans to sell Chromecast keychain outside the United States

The inexpensive keychain Chromecast is very popular, but so far only in the USA. At the end of October, it became known that the official application for Android and iOS has become available in other countries. Then the assumptions began to express that the international launch of the device was being prepared.

Now Google Vice-President for Mary Production Management Mario Queeroz announced the company’s intention to start the sales of a key fabric outside the states, noting that connoisseurs of this device will be pleasantly surprised.

It is expected that next year Google will also release a set of developers tools, thereby expanding the number of compatible applications and services in which the Cast button will appear. However, now more than 40 companies have access to the preliminary version of SDK. Mr. Kueroz also added that Google wants to make ChromeCast technology open standard so that it can integrate it as manufacturers of consumer electronics.

Chromecast was presented on July 24 at the Google conference, its supply to the United States began in August at a price of $ 35. HDMI cords offers functionality similar to the abolished Nexus Q, ensuring media content on TV. Chromecast receives all the data via the Internet through the built -in Wi -Fi, from the mobile device only a reproduction is carried out.


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