Google released the first advertising video Nexus 7

Nexus 7 sales go the best. The corporation does not have time to supply a new tablet computer to customers, and a 16 GB version even became a deficit, as a result of which Google had to temporarily stop its sale. However, the company is sure that it will be able to satisfy the needs of its customers, and therefore released the first advertising video called «Nexus 7: Camping».

The video tells the story of the father and his little son, vacationing in a tent in the fresh air. They use Nexus 7 to recognize the appearance of a rare toad, find their location in Google Maps, watch cartoons, read fairy tales, play games and find out the direction of movement using a compass. In one point, the gadget even acted as a flashlight. It is not yet clear whether the tablet’s advertising will contribute to even more exciting demand, but Google clearly does not want the interest in Nexus 7 to fall. You can watch the advertising video above.



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