Google quietly eaves you through the microphone. Here’s how to find a record

Google quietly eavesders you through the microphone.Here

Google does not hide the fact that it overhears its users, but it, to put it mildly, does not advertise. The Internet giant not only records conversations, but also stores them on its own servers. Moreover, the robot “overhears” you not only when the smartphone is turned on, but also when it just lies next to you, for example, on the desktop.

Why do you need Google? The company explains the eavesdropping with the need to collect and analyze information, which will subsequently help the algorithm choose advertising for you, respectively, interests. It doesn’t sound so scary, but! Firstly, personal information can fall into the wrong hands if someone breaks your account. Secondly, if you have any conflict or simply misunderstanding with the authorities, the company will be obliged to transfer your conversations to the relevant authorities. Thirdly, frankly, the advertising “fitted” under the interests of users often does not at all fall under these very interests and only in vain annoys the user. In this case, the collection of information becomes simply meaningless.

However, to the credit of the company, Google does not hide the fact of collecting personal data, so everyone can log in on their account and clean the information collected there.

Here (https: // Myactivity.Google.COM/Myactivity?RESTRICT = VAA) all data is stored from the microphone of your smartphone. If there is nothing yet, then you have not used a voice assistant, that is, you never said: “Ok, Google”.

But the full dossier (https: //, which was collected by Google, based on what you are doing on the Internet.

Among other things, there is information where and when you were (more precisely, your phone);All you were looking for on the Internet;All the pages that you loaded. Fortunately, convenient navigation allows you to quickly and without a trace remove everything.

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