Google Search on Android now works when connecting with a network

This innovation can be useful in a number of cases: for example, when using the regime «In airplane» or when the connection is broken with the Wi-Fi access point. «And if you are worried about the data transfer fee or the battery charge, then do not worry. This function will not discharge your battery, and thanks to the use of ordered search results, it has a minimal impact on traffic consumption», — Wrote the Product Manager of Google, Shekhar Sharad.

For the past few years, the company has been actively expanding the capabilities of its main services when using them without connecting to the Internet. For example, a few months ago Google allowed to load in the application «Cards» For Android, separate sections of the area on the SD card, and in 2015 made it possible to download large parts of the card for navigation.

In May, the company also reported that it activated automatic saving on a mobile file device from «Documents», «Tables» And «Presentations», with whom the user recently worked. Finally, with the release of Chrome 55, held in December, the owners of Android devices were able to download sites through their browser to view their network.


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