Google released Chrome 19 for developers

Chrome DEV 19.0.1036.7 also received support for a number of experimental capabilities of the JavaScript Harmony interpreter, which should become the next generation of object-oriented script languages. «Chrome and the V8 team intend to advance JavaScript forward and have already begun to implement new opportunities» – Andreas Rossberg and Michael Starzinger reported the developers of the Google team.

What’s new in Chrome 19:

  • There was an opportunity to use the area Lexical Scoping. For this, the announcement of the variables “let” and “const” instead of “Var” is now used.
  • Collections – The most effective implementation of display and sets. From now on, any value can be used as a key or element, including objects. Collections on collections are not yet supported.
  • Weak Maps – A special type of display in which the garbage collector determines when the key for elements is already unavailable and automatically deleys them. This is the first step of a large path to prevent memory leaks when using long -live tables.
  • Proxy imitates the work of JavaScript objects or functions, and allows you to configure almost any aspect of their behavior. Thus, the reflection of actions rises to a new level, allowing the use of functions and objects to create advanced abstractions and interfaces.


  • Chromium.Org

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