Google released two designers with simple artificial intelligence

Now it is already quite obvious that artificial intelligence is becoming more and more accessible, so the appearance of a “designer” with AI elements was a matter of time. One of the first offers came from the Google Internet giant.

The company introduced two new, already ready for serial production of the set —Ayi Vision and Ayi Voice, which will probably interest artificial intelligence enthusiasts. At their disposal, they will receive everything that is needed to create simple systems with AI – an element base and necessary.

The basis is the compact computer system Raspberry Pi Zero WH with the SD memory card and corresponding to. Ayi Vision set is supplemented by Raspberry Pi Camera V2. With a detailed (designed, by the way, for young inventors), the assembly and settings of the system can be found in the related application for Android and on the AIY website.

New Ayi Vision and Voice sets will appear in retail online sale at the end of April at a price of $ 90 and 50, respectively.


Source &#8212 Aiy Projects

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