Google showed the prototype of the car with autopilot

Unfortunately, the number of accidents is not reduced, but on the contrary, it grows from year to year. Realizing this, Google engineers set out to create a safe car. And they seemed to succeed.

Google demonstrated a prototype of a unique car with autopilot. It is designed for two people and is more like a tiny carrier of cartoons.

Google machine

As already mentioned, the Google car is distinguished by the presence of an automatic electronic control system with several sensors and cameras. And therefore, we will not see the usual pedals, steering wheel and other elements. They are replaced by two buttons – stop and start, as well as the screen on which the given route is displayed.

Google’s car cannot develop a speed of more than 40 km/h, which ensures increased security. For passive safety of passengers, seat belts are provided.

In the summer, Google plans to release about a hundred test samples with an autopilot, which will be additionally equipped with manual control. They will be tested in California, where the use of automatically controlled cars on public roads is now officially allowed.

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