Google Robo machine got into your most serious accident

One of Google’s robotic cars, according to network sources, seemed to be in the very serious transportation for the entire test system for autopilot.

The incident occurred in Mountain-Vew (California, USA), where Google headquarters are located. The A modernized Lexus RX 450H crossover was used, equipped with a hybrid power plant.

As eyewitnesses say, a commercial van crashed into the right side of the Google robe at an impressive speed. The strength of the collision can be judged by damage to the crossover: the doors and thresholds are very deformed by the machine. At the time of the accident, airbags worked, so no one was seriously injured.

Witnesses of the accident say that the driver of the van is completely to blame for the incident. Later, and Google gave comments: according to the corporation, the van went to the intersection to the prohibition signal of the traffic light, while the Lexus RX 450h robot moved to the green light, burning at least six seconds before the collision of the collision.

Google self-governing vehicles previously got into traffic accidents, but until today, such incidents, as a rule, ended with minor damage. This time a robot will require serious repairs.


  • 9to5 Google

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