“Mail Mail.Ru “offers temporary addresses for maintaining anonymity on the network

When working on the network, situations regularly arise when the user wants to remain an unknown. However, often when consuming various content, submitting ads, receiving access to one or another service, it is necessary to indicate your email address. Previously, in such cases, I had to start another box, which means it to waste time and effort on its creation, remembering the password and subsequent verification of correspondence.

Now in Mail settings.Ru can create a temporary address — The postal service itself will offer the name and instruct the same folder, into which the relevant letters will be automatically entered. As soon as the need for this address disappears, it can be removed in literally a couple of clicks in the account settings.

Such temporary addresses will help users protect their confidentiality in cases where for some reason I do not want to disclose the main email address. In order to use the new function, you need to go to the postal settings and select the item «Anonymizer».

«Despite the development of antispass systems, impaired correspondence continues to be a big problem for users. Strictly speaking, this may not be spam, but annoying letters from those to whom the user once entrusted his address. Our anonymizer — Another tool for solving this problem. Now you can get a temporary address in a couple of clicks and calmly leave it anywhere, without fear that he can get into the databases of unscrupulous newsletters», — They say to Mail.Ru.


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