Acer began the implementation of the chrombuk C720 Chromebook with the Intel Core i3 Haswell

Acer has launched its first chrombuk with the Intel Core i3 Haswell processor. We are talking about Acer C720-3871 Chromebook, the price of which starts at $ 350. Like cheaper chromebooks on Intel Celeron chips, the novelty has up to 4 GB of RAM. Now two models are offered: Acer C720-3871 Chromebook with 2 GB of RAM at a price of $ 350 and Acer C720-3404 Chromebook with 4 GB of RAM for $ 380. The screen of the screen of both models is 11.6 inches, resolution — 1366 x 768 points.

The device is founded by a double-core Intel Core i3-4005U processor with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz and an integrated Intel HD 4400 graphic system. A solid-state drive of 32 GB, adapters of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless networks, and two stereo-dinosaids are also reported.

The Core i3 processor may seem unnecessarily powerful for the device on Chrome OS at this stage — Even for models on Intel Celeron 2955u Haswell, the operating system loads in seconds, exit from «sleeping» the regime occurs instantly and there are no problems with the reproduction of HD-video and the implementation of other tasks.

But in connection with the further increase in the web applications of chrombuk on Core i3, it will be quite in demand, especially in this price category. For example, the Google Chromebook Pixel chrombuk uses the third -generation processor Intel Core i5, in Acer C720 — Fourth generation Intel Core chip. At the same time, Acer Chromebook is more than three times cheaper.



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