Acer has joined the patent battle with Apple

Apple patent claims against HTC create fears among market observers and even greatly affect the cost of htc shares. Mr. Wong notes that the company that has begun this business strives either for money or to influence the market and can consider all related costs as a business cost.

Mr. Wong is not the first time attacked Apple. Last fall, he predicted that the share of the iPad will fall up to less than a third of the market due to the closeness of the Apple iOS platform. The output of the iPad tablet in 2010 greatly influenced the netbook market, where Acer was a king. In many ways, because of this, the share of the Acer market is greatly reduced.

In the latest quarterly study, Gartner reported that Acer’s supply supplies were reduced by more than 22% in the United States compared to the same period last year. In the world of affairs, it is not much better where Acer sales also fell by more than 20%.

Gartner forecasts
Preliminary grades Gartner regarding the world’s supply of PC in the second quarter of 2011

After blowing the Acer netbook market, android began to actively promote in a series of tablet devices, wanting to confront the iPad. Acer also used the cloud operating system in her relatively cheap smartbook.



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