“Android is popular only thanks to the poor”

& quot; Android is popular only thanks to the poor & quot;

Android operating system is popular only thanks to a huge number of cheap smartphones, and not because it is good. So believes the editor of Gizmodo Sam Biddle, who has published a lengthy article on this subject. He noted that the amazing success of Android, which already occupies 75% of the market, has become possible not because of top models like Galaxy S III, but thanks to the budget smartphones from Samsung, ZTE, LG and other companies. Sam Biddle gives a number of sociological studies, from which it concludes: the poorer a person, the more likely he will choose an Android commander, not iPhone. At the same time, almost half of the sales of OS devices from Google falls on densely populated China and India with poor users…

According to Sam Biddle, in the United States, African -speakers and the Spanish -speaking population are mainly bought by Android smartphones, whose incomes are much lower than the “white”. It is noteworthy that even in Samsung’s advertising there are “simple” African Americans, who are the target audience of the company. In the marketing campaigns of Apple, attention is not focused on racial affiliation of the heroes of the rollers. However, blacks in the advertising of the “apple” corporation are always wealthy and popular persons.

Google’s strategy allows the company to create slow and unreliable, but, most importantly, cheap smartphones. At the same time, they at the very least provide the functionality of more expensive brothers, and just the price makes users put up with the shortcomings of such devices. iPhone is more expensive, it is less affordable, but more like its owners. According to Changewave, the iOS platform satisfies 71% of Apple mobile technology owners, while the contented Android users were less than half. iPhone is expensive, and people are ready to pay this price. Another thing is that not everyone has the necessary funds for this, writes Gizmodo editor.

Colleague Sam Biddle from Techcrunch agrees with the Gizmodo editor. He compared the situation in the segment of mobile OS with alcohol: there is a good whiskey, but there is a cheap, but there is no good cheap whiskey.

UPD (24GADGET.ru): In general, some kind of very strange conclusion. Especially “liked” about African Americanists who, in the case of Samsung – “beggar” and automatically become the target audience, but if it happens with Apple, they simply do not focus on racial belongings. Perhaps the reason is not at all in cheapness? Maybe iPhone5 is so bad that I just don’t want to buy it? (What is the way the sales statistics are talking about). And how are all these conclusions of Western journalists to make friends with the fact that for example Galaxy S3 / Note 2 and many, many other smartphones on Android are no less than the iPhone and at the same time are very popular? Android was created as a mass operating system for all segments of the population, regardless of their wealth!
In general, all this is more like orders or simply a desire to annoy people. And you think?

Source: Gizmodo

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