Acer is working on a smartbook with a Tegra 2 processor

It seems that July means that Acer will present a press release the other day. However, such an apparatus cannot be considered the first in the world: the Tosiba AC100 smartbook has been present on the market for quite some time. Digitimes did not share the details regarding the device, but only added that the company is working on some models of devices with Android 3.2, not to mention the ultrabooks on Intel chips, which will be announced by December.


According to the Liliputing resource, Acer risks somewhat, releasing a TEGRA 2 smart card so soon. Indeed, everyone expects the release of laptops on the basis of ARM with the appearance of Windows 8 on the market next year, but today the choice of the OS is very limited for such devices based on chips different from the X86. Perhaps the new brainchild of Acer will be something like a cheap tablet-transformer?



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