Acer Predator X35: Curved game monitor with an update frequency of 200 Hz

Acer, on the eve of the IFA 2017 exhibition, introduced the advanced monitor Predator X35, designed for use as part of gaming systems.

The novelty using the Vertical Alignment (VA) matrix has a concave form: the bending radius is 1800 mm. The panel is characterized by a size of 35 inches and a resolution of WQHD (3440 × 1440 pixels). The ratio of the parties — 21: 9.

The monitor has support for Nvidia G-Sync, Acer HDR Ultra and quantum points technology. The advanced system of local dimming in 512 individual-controlled zones allows you to illuminate only those sections of the screen where it really needs.

Brightness is 600 kD/m2 (peak brightness reaches 1000 kD/m2), contrast — 2500: 1. 90 percent coverage of the color space DCI-P3. The response time is 4 ms, and the update frequency reaches 200 Hz.

The monitor has a Predator GameView system with several modes that allow you to adjust the image for specific tasks. Except «Standard», «Eco-mode», as well as modes «Graphic arts» And «Movies», The novelty contains modes designed for games: «Shooters», «Race» And «Sport».

Acer Bluelightshield technology allows you to reduce the amount of harmful radiation in the blue part of the spectrum using four filtration modes. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles reach 178 degrees. The Dark Boost system will help to consider even small details in poorly lit images.

The Acer Predator X35 panel will go on the first quarter of next year;the price is not reported.


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