How far you can throw an ordinary ball on different planets

It would seem that it’s easier – to take and throw the ball. It is obvious that the casting range will depend on its strength, gravity, technology, initial speed, ball weight, the presence of wind and other conditions. Japanese Space Research Employee James O’Donoheu went on and calculated at leisure how far a baseball ball, abandoned by the same person, will fly on different planets of the solar system.

It turned out that on our closest neighbor the Moon, an abandoned ball would rush along the trajectory, the upper point of which will turn out to be 60-meter height-which, by the way, is higher than the famous Pizan tower. The situation in Saturn is no less interesting. With a mass of almost 100 times more earthly, the power of attraction there – oddly enough – a little weaker.

On a tiny, ice -covered pluton (its diameter is 2/3 of the diameter of the moon), with weak gravity, the ball will rise to the height of the highest Egyptian pyramid – 206 meters and fly 16 times further than on the native land, in almost 50 seconds.

O’Donohee displayed the results of his calculations in this video.

Source &#8212 Business Insider

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