Acer reported details about the chrombook C720 with the Haswell processor

Google with partners continues to develop business cloud laptops based on Chrome OS. This month new chrombuks based on Haswell were presented. Now Acer shared the details about her 11.6-inch model C720. This device is endowed with almost the same case as the C7, but received an updated Intel Haswell processor (due to which the battery life increased to 8.5 hours) and a number of features like protection from 30 ml of liquid (if the user suddenly sheds water,it will turn off the power until the contacts are injected).

The case became thinner (19 mm) and received the Intel Celeron 2955U @1.4 GHz chip. The chromebook is endowed with 16 GB of built-in flash memory and can be equipped with either 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM (perhaps the appearance of variations indicates an increase in the popularity of Chome OS). By the way, there are versions with 3G and only with Wi-Fi.

Acer C720 received two USB 2 ports.0, full-size HDMI connector, Kensington defense slot and a 3.5 mm audio tag for headphones and microphone. The device can use 100 GB of free Google cloud space. The release date has not yet been reported, as well as the price (which, however, will surely remain at the same level from $ 200).



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