Acer XB280HK: The world’s first 4K monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology

Acer has announced the XB280HK monitor Ultra HD, designed for demanding games and enthusiasts.

The manufacturer calls the novelty the first 4K monitor in the world with Nvidia G-Sync technology. This system eliminates the image ruptures on the screen and delays in the input of the image with VSYNC shots, which provides a smooth and responsive gameplay process. As a result, gaming scenes appear instantly, and objects become clearer.

G-Sync technology uses a special module, which allows you to synchronize the monitor with the frequency of personnel processing on the GPU, and not vice versa, which leads to a more speedy and smooth image without gaps. This is claimed to raise games to a qualitatively new level.

The Acer XB280HK panel has 28 inches diagonal, its resolution is 3840×2160 pixels. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles reach 170 degrees. The device is endowed with the DisplayPort 1 interface.2 and four USB 3 ports.0.

The monitor implemented branded Flicker -less and Low Dimming technologies, which reduce the load on the visual apparatus. Ergostand stand allows you to adjust the angles of inclination and rotation of the display, change the height with respect to the table within 150 mm, and also expand the screen by 90 degrees for use in portrait orientation.

Sales of the Acer XB280HK model will begin in the current quarter;There is no information about the price at the moment.


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