ACSHE-RPG Indivisible from the authors of the playing of Skullgirls will come out On Nintendo Switch

The release on Switch will take place simultaneously with the launch on all other platforms, in 2018. In addition, it was announced that Indivisible will be released both in digital form and on physical media, and a collection publication is also promised, the preliminary order of which can be made on the BackerKit website. The publisher is 505 Games.

Recall that money for development was collected in the collective funding system Indiegogo, where more than 32 thousand joint efforts. the person was collected over $ 2 million. By the way, a similar approach to financing was a prerequisite for a publishing agreement with 505 Games, according to which the authors received another $ 1.5 million.

In the game we will be told about the girl Ajna (ajna), which «An epic adventure awaits, the purpose of which is to unravel the secrets of her mystical abilities». On the way, many dangers and adventures will wait for her, which various heroes met on the way will help to overcome. From the point of view of mechanics, this is a combination of a two -dimensional platformer and role -playing game with step -by -step dynamic battles: heroine, her partners and enemies can conduct attacks and blocks that consume different amounts of energy.


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