Acrobatic tricks in the new Trailer The Amazing Spider Man

Using Web Rush, users will be able to make decisions with lightning speed when traveling virtual New York and in battles with opponents. The character will at the blink of an eye to move the skyscrapers and jumping by cars. In The Amazing Spider Man, the location movements will look much more realistic than in Spider Man: Shattehed Dimensions.

The new system also offers good opportunities in disassembly with opponents. In the video, the main character quietly neutralized several opponents, taking their weapons and wrapping them in a dense layer of web. Spider-Man also managed to stop the car with bandits and throw it on a giant web.

The Amazing Spider Man will be released at Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, WII, Xbox 360 and PC on June 29, 2012.

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  • Additional missions in Amazing Spider-Man;
  • The premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man;
  • The man was entrusted to the spider beenox.


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