Active security system for cars (3 photos)

According to the study of the US insurance institution, US Road Security (IIHS), more than 50 thousand accidents in North America take place annually in a situation where the driver overestimates the capabilities of the car and is too quickly entering the turn. To prevent such accidents, Ford has developed a new active security system Curve Control. The system uses ABS sensors, and also measures longitudinal acceleration, body rolls, rotation speeds, as well as the angle of rotation of the steering wheel 100 times per second to calculate how quickly the car enters the turn and how much the driver turned the “steering wheel”. If the threat of drift is created, Curve Control uses the brake system of all four wheels, and also reduces engine craving. According to the company, in most cases, the driver will not be able to slow down equally effectively, while the system reduces the speed of the car by about 16 kilometers per hour every second. Ford engineers say that the efficiency of the system remains high even on wet coating. For the first time, the Curve Control system debuts as standard equipment for the new generation of the Ford Explorer SUV, and by 2015 it will be installed by 90 percent of crossovers, pickups and minivans, however, only in North America.

Source: Caredge

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