“Memian” – an address book for all devices


In Runet «Memian» It is the first and only free storage of contacts and provides support for all the main postal applications (Gmail, Outlook, Mac OS X) and smartphones (including iPhone, Android, Nokia). Although the service is still in the beta stage, the developers promise the correct reading and recording contacts during synchronization. «Memian» Allows you to transfer the address book from the old phone to a new one without errors: for example, from Nokia to Android.

The service is able to automatically update contact information if someone’s address has changed. Possibilities «Memiana» Also include: imports and export in VCARD format, association of duplicate addresses, publication of business cards on the Internet, understandable and reliable customization of privacy. In the near future there will be a calendar and support for new devices, as well as language versions of the site for foreign users.


  • Memiana.ru

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