Activator PC: a meeting of digital and real worlds

Innovators never sleep and do not stop working. For this very reason, there are so many amazing electronic devices on the market today;laptops and «Smart» Phones squeezed the whole world to their size, almost any dream today is in the same click from us. But it would be a mistake to think that high technologies are at its peak today, and it is impossible to come up with something else. Human fantasy is endless that the Korean designer Yuri Koo (Yoori Koo) in his concept Activator PC, this is a full -fledged computer in the case of a ballpoint pen.

Throughout their history, people used a letter to conduct calculations, or to fix what they are afraid to forget. Time passed, technologies were improved: rock pictures were replaced by parchment, papyrus and paper, a seal came to a manuscript text, and now everything is solved by digital technologies. As planned by the author, the Activator computer combines all electronic devices and controls at once, you just need to choose the correct program and draw the right device on any surface.

Activator PC

With one movement of the hand, the user receives at his disposal a monitor, keyboard, mouse, gamepad, camera — All that is needed. The author does not specify how all this can be implemented, probably, the technology of an interactive holographic projector laid the basis of an electronic magic wand. However, the implementation of the concept is rarely a matter of paramount importance for a true artist. The idea is more important for him.

Activator PC

Activator PC

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