“Nuclear Wi-Fi” works on radiation radiation and penetrates almost everywhere

Researchers from the University of Lancaster have developed a new version of Wi-Fi data transmission technology, where

Signal source uses a radioactive isotope of California-252. It gives rise to radiation in the form of fast neutrons, which can be directed from the transmitter to the receiver instead of radio waves. Scientists managed to influence this radiation by encoding and transmitting useful information with its help.

The technology received the nickname “Damned” by analogy with fictitious analogues from the Fallout universe, where people’s ignorance in the era of “atomic romanticism” is played out. Then, due to a lack of knowledge and experience, they greatly underestimated the danger of radiation and seriously believed that compact atomic devices would radically change life. Modern scientists are more pragmatic and therefore do not even consider the option with the creation of a commercial version of “nuclear wi-fi”.

This type of communication will be associated with constant risk, but it has a significant advantage – unlike the radio signal, fast neutrons have excellent patency. And therefore, with their help, you can transmit a signal through a powerful barrier, such as the wall of the hopper or hull of the submarine, without damaging it itself. In emergency situations when cable communication is impossible, a wireless connection of fast neutrons can be very useful.

Source &#8212 Lancaster University

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