Activision is satisfied with the number of pre -orders Call of Duty: Wwii and Destiny 2

According to Bobby Kotick CEO (Bobby Kotick), pre -orders of recently announced Call of Duty: WWII demonstrate an excellent start, and the YouTube game trailer has earned more «Likes», than any other game of the series. Infinite Warfare trailer, we recall, has become one of the lowest rates on the platform.

As for Destiny 2, users also very actively draw up pre -orders, and most of them prefer a version with a seasonal subscription. The cat noted that the PC version of the shooter will possess «all the necessary features that the PC community expects», probably referring to support for various screen resolutions, increased personnel frequency and other options.

«We are absolutely sure that we can meet the requirements of the audience and offer constant content updates to keep the interest of players, — He added. — In the case of Destiny 2, not only Bungie is involved in the creation of the project, but also several other AAA studios, the portfolio of which clearly demonstrates how often they can produce high-quality additional content». The first Destiny 2 gameplay will be shown on May 18.


  • Gamespot

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