Activity of workers-canom in Runet Grows

Experts distinguish five main types of fraud by employers. This, in particular, is a creative task before an interview (remains unpaid), calls or SMS for paid numbers, offers to buy methodological materials before the start of work, requests to transfer money as guarantees or for «opening an electronic wallet», as well as lure of passport data.

More than half of the complaints relate to employers who offer applicants even before employment to purchase something to perform work or undergo paid training. Such «dark» The employer issues an advance payment for the work as a mandatory requirement and applicant, hoping for an ambulance, falls on a scammer’s hook. Suffer from scammers and workers of creative professions. There are cases of the execution of a voluminous creative task, the result of which is subsequently used by an unscrupulous employer for commercial purposes.

According to Rocytes, the most popular resources for searching for vacancies are specialized sites: they are used by about 37 % of respondents. A little less often when searching for work, applicants turn to friends, relatives and acquaintances — This was announced by 20 % of respondents. Close the three search systems: 15 % of Internet users resort to their help.

The study also showed that applicants often do not pay due attention to the completeness of filling the site of the employer organization. So, 23 % of respondents believe that there must not be a news feed on the official website, 20 % neglect the importance of information about the director and employees of the company. And 16 % of applicants are even ready to consider the employer as a potential one, even if there are no statutory and other organizational documents of the company on his website.


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