Actor John Louori abandoned his words regarding problems with Half-Life 3

However, then Mr. Loury deleted his comment from the personal blog, replacing it with the explanation of his previous statements. He noted that he was not an authority in the issue and only wanted to dispel the created confusion on the network against Half-Life 3, but with his wrong words he created only even more confusion.

John Patrick Lowori said that the actors of voicing can find out about a particular project only after they are hired. «Everything that I tried to convey earlier (and could not) — This is the fact that the words of Gabe Newell (Gabe Newll) about the project — This is the best information that you can get. He — The owner of the company and knows what is happening there. I apologize that I gave the impression that I know what was working on Valve. I didn’t want this and I don’t know anything», — He added.

The lack of specifics about Half-Life 3 and the huge popularity of previous games of the series leads to the regular appearance of rumors, assumptions and incorrect information about the game.


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