Actor, playing a Snake in MGS: “I do not have any special feelings for Kojima”

According to the actor, he met with the producer of the game at the recording studio and learned from him that Konami wanted to find him a replacement. The same casting director said. «We continue the record, but, apparently, they do not want to see you in this project», — He heard Hater.

And this was not the first time. «I had to go again in the case of Metal Gear Solid 3, and each time Konami tried to find another actor instead of me. I even heard that Kojima asked the producers to invite Kurt Rusll to the role of Kurt Russell, but he refused», — Heiter says.

The actor does not regret the time spent on the dubbing of MGS, but I would like his relationship with this series to end on a more pleasant note. «I have no hatred of Sasraland, this is not so. I could just treat me a little more respectfully, although I’m not going to cry because of this», — He added.

Hater admitted that he did not play the Phantom Pain («it would be 60 hours of humiliation») and is not going to cooperate with Kojzima in the future. «I do not have any special feelings for Kojima. And I do not feel the need to return to him and work on new joint projects», — He said in conclusion.


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