In Israel, a methodology for the treatment of depression was developed by weak electromagnetic radiation

The essence of the project is the replacement of drug stimulation of neurons by the effect of a weak electromagnetic field. According to researcher Ronen Segal, this method is, firstly, more effective and, secondly, does not cause addiction, unlike antidepressants.

Today, with the help of modern diagnostic equipment – tomographs, scanners and electroencephalographs, doctors determine the area of the brain, or rather, a group of neurons in need of stimulation. In accordance with the new non-invasive technique, it became possible to control the discharge force to achieve a positive result.

The concept of the helmet

Clinical trials will begin in the near future, in which volunteers will take part. According to the developers, in case of success, a new revolutionary technique will help to return millions of people suffering from various forms of depression to normal life. During the next stage of research, the ability to use this technique for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy will be studied.

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