Addition Battlefield 4: Second Assault is available Premium subscribers

Second Assault includes the most popular Battlefield 3 areas, which are redone taking into account the capabilities of the Frostbyte 3 engine. This means increased in comparison with the originals of destruction. Caspian Border, Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm and Gulf of Oman cards are provided to users.

Caspian border — large open space on the border of Iran and Turkmenistan. A large role in the battles is played by vehicles. In Operation Metro, players fight in the destroyed Parisian metro. Some parts of the building are supported by wooden beams that are easy to bring down on enemies.

The scene of the Operation Firestorm arena – oil deposit. There are many explosive objects on the map that gamers will be able to use in their interests. For example, blow the enemy with a shot into a barrel of oil. Gulf of Oman invites gamers to fight on the territory of the Ottoman Gulf. Control of the fighting is complicated by a sandstorm.

Players are able to shoot opponents from automatic rifles FN F2000 and AS VAL, M60 machine gun, DAO-12 pomp-rifle and Gol sniper rifle.

Second Assault is already sold for PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Soon DLC will be released for Xbox 360. Initially, the addition came to the Xbox One. In March of this year, the collection will be available to other gamers.


  • Joystiq

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