Addition “Awakening of the ancient gods” to Hearthstone will come out a week later

The addition will bring 134 new cards with it. «Ancient gods — friendly, we emphasize, sincere and friendly creatures, clothed with the highest power, — Writes Blizzard. — Their only task — demonstrate to you how everything can be good and interesting if you finally relax and cease to do so. Some of your friends in the tavern, allies and opponents, by the way, already met them. And it only benefit them!»

«Awakening» It will be available on all platforms where Hearthstone came out, namely on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Carter sets can be bought for gold and real money, and the possibility of preliminary order 50 sets at a reduced price will disappear, as well as a bonus shirt for cards.

On the same day, it is worth expecting the first re -balance of cards for a long time, as well as the emergence of standard and free modes. The main emphasis of Blizzard will be made for a standard — In it you can use cards from basic and classic sets, as well as from those that were released in the current and past of the calendar years. In other words, from April 27 there will not be allowed to put in a deck card from «Curses of Naxramas» And «Goblin and gnomes».


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