Additional screens for peripheral vision

Scientists of Media Lab laboratories at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) offered an interesting alternative to giant monstrous TVs that occupy almost the entire wall in the hall. Such an alternative is additional projection screens designed specifically for peripheral vision.

The system is called Infinity-by-Nine, its authors were Deniel Novy (Daniel Novy) and Michael Buw Jr. Michael Bove Jr.). Instead of simple stretching the picture on additional screens, the system uses a special algorithm that analyzes the main image and based on this analysis builds a picture for peripheral screens on both sides of the main. Since the peripheral image is never in focus, the picture for these screens is always blurred. This, in turn, means that the creation of the image does not require serious computing resources, the Infinity-by-Nine system can be launched on a simple household machine, supercomputers or ultra-road workstations is not required.

According to eyewitnesses, the system in practice has proved its effectiveness, in some cases even an illusion of other feelings is created, for example, a feeling of heat, if an explosion occurs on the screen.



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