Additions to Fallout 4 will go out at the same time at all platforms

Recall that the project is declared for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is obvious that there can be no question of PC-exclusivity, so theoretically the first additions may be received by users of one of the prefixes. Fortunately, the vice president of Bethesda SoftWorks on marketing Pete Hines dispelled the fears of players. «We will not make DLC exclusives for any platform», — He wrote on his twitter. In general, when additions begin to be released next year, they will appear on the same day on all platforms.

Well, the game itself will go on sale on November 10 this year. We will be sent to the post -apocalyptic world, the radioactive desert, which the United States turned into after the World 2077 Nuclear War. The events of the game will unfold 200 years after the war, that is, almost at the same time as the story told in Fallout 3. Prologue will show the world before the fall of bombs — Our hero will be hidden in shelter 111 and will wake up in a couple of hundred years. What happened to him? How he has experienced centuries at all? We have to solve these and many other secrets.


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