Addon SWTOR: Rise of the Hutt Cartel will be released April 14

Using Hutt Cartel, the maximum level of users will increase to 55. In addition, now players will be able to explore the new planet Makeb. It is here that they will meet with the cruel clan of the Hutt, one of the representatives of which – Jabba Hatt – known to fans of the universe in the film «Star Wars. Episode VI: Jedi Return».

Kartel Khattov intends to capture the entire galaxy, starting from the planet Makeb. To do this, he hired heavily armed mercenaries who will throw droids and wild creatures into the battle, as well as shoot at the players from blasters. Users will have to use all their strength to stop the threat.

In Hutt Cartel, developers promised players fascinating quests for both single players and small teams.


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