Addonics AD25NVMPX4 adapter Designed for SSD installation in format U.2

In the world of modern solid -state drives, format U.2 is not very common. It is found in servers, and in user class systems you can most often see the usual SATA 3.0 or m.2. But what to do if there is a need to install one of the SSD with the UG.2, for example, Intel 750, in a system that does not have special connectors? Addonics comes to the rescue.

This manufacturer of all kinds of adapters, controllers and converters introduced the new AD25NVMPX4 model, which is a fee with the PCI Express 3 connector.0 x16. The board is equipped with a SFF-8639 connector, now known as U.2. Thus, a solid -state drive with this interface simply connects to this connector and screws up to the board for reliability. To connect the LED of disk activity, there is a separate double -pin connector.

I must say that SFF-8639/U.2, in fact, is one of the PCI Express interface implementations, so the use of Addonics AD25NVMPX4 will not help load with Intel 750 in systems that do not have support for loading from NVMe-drives. This product is designed to solve problems with the absence of suitable connectors and does not contain any controllers or its own BIOS with the NVME loading module. In this, it looks like popular PCI Express adapters for MM drives.2. Worth a novelty $ 36.


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