Adidas begins to sell shoes sewn in robots

The German manufacturer of sportswear and shoes reports on the readiness of the SpeedFactory robot to launch at full power. Her cars, in autonomous mode, begin to sew several models of sneakers that will go on sale on October 19 of this year.

On the intentions to create a factory for sewing shoes without human workers, in contrast to the prospects of transferring production to Asian countries for the sake of reducing it, in Adidas spoke at the end of 2015. For a year and a half, the process was debugged to the level when it is not a shame to show the result to the consumer. At first, the robot factory will produce sports shoes from the Adidas Made For (AM4) series.

This series presents six shoe models, which are designed taking into account the features of life in the starting six megacities of the planet. First Model: AM4LDN, it will enter the London shelves on October 19th. The second in the line AM4PAR (Paris), the third is AM4LA (Los Angeles). Three more, intended for Shanghai, Tokyo and New York, should be expected already in 2018.

Shoe production was entrusted to robots from the FutureCraft M series.F.G., little -known general public. They use 3D printing technologies and sew shoes for patterns for a particular client, taking into account his anatomical features. This is what the “manual work” will look like in the 21st century, taking into account the widespread robotization of work processes. Adidas simply occupies a niche among the first and will soon launch the second similar factory of robots in Atlanta.

Source &#8212 Adidas SpeedFactory

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