Adobe in the fourth quarter of the 2012 financial year worked better than Wall Street expectations

Adobe revenue for the quarter amounted to $ 1.153 billion, which is higher than its own forecast equal to $ 1.075 -$ 1.125 billion, as well as Wall Street analysts, equal to $ 1.1 billion, although it is almost no different from last year ($ 1.152 billion). The annual revenue of the company reached $ 4.4 billion, exceeding the indicator of the last financial year by 4.4%.

The net profit per quarter is $ 222.3 million, which is 27.8% more than the result of the same period last year, equal to $ 173.7 million. Profit per share (Non-gaap) is also higher than analysts’ expectations — $ 0.61 versus $ 0.57. Profit for a share calculated according to GAAP standards is $ 0.44 in the fourth quarter and $ 1.66 for the year.

For the 2012 financial year, the net profit indicator amounted to $ 832.8 million, which is practically no different from the numbers a year ago.

The company noted that in the fourth quarter, the number of subscribers of the Creative Cloud service increased by an average of 10 thousand people every week, while in the previous quarter the weekly growth of subscribers was about 8 thousand people.

Summing up the results of the completed quarter and year, the company also announced a forecast for the first quarter of the 2013 financial year. According to Adobe analysts, the company’s revenue in the first quarter will be $ 950 million – $ 1 billion, profit — $ 0.26 – $ 0.32 per share. Wall Street forecast — $ 1.07 billion revenue and $ 0.56 profit per share.

For 2013, Adobe plans to receive revenue within $ 4.1 billion and a profit of $ 1.40 per share, while Wall Street expects a revenue of $ 4.48 billion and profit at the rate of $ 2.35 per share.


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