Adobe has developed a technology for quick transfer of the style of one photo to another

For example, having a photo of a solar city landscape, you can make it look like it was photographed at dusk. To do this, it is enough to use another picture that was taken in the evening and under the necessary weather conditions. In the end result, the form and line will not be changed.

The algorithm is good because in a matter of minutes it can make intellectual adjustments — For example, add light effects to the windows of skyscraper. In this case, the technology helps to avoid such problems as transferring clouds from the original image to the target picture.

Researchers used deep learning methods to capture lighting and color elements in the original photo. They also developed a way to limit the transformation so that painting occurs strictly within the lines and the changes look natural.

Perhaps in the future, technology support will appear in Adobe commercial editors like Photoshop or Lightroom. So far, this is only a research project. Algorithm code can be viewed at Github.


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