Adobe introduced Edge Animate 1.0 and other tools for working with HTML5

EDGE Animate 1 program.0, known at the testing stage as Adobe Edge, is a tool for creating HTML5-animation similar to Flash, but based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS standards. The EDGE Animate program is still offered for free, and later it will cost $ 14.99 per month or $ 499 for a licensed license. The program was also added to the application family that are part of Creative Cloud.

Another development — Edge Inspect, previously known as Shadow, makes it possible to debug with applications on several mobile devices at the same time. And the new Edge Web Fonts service offers more than five hundred free fonts.

Adobe also demonstrated two other instruments from the Edge family, which are still far from the release. This is the designer program of Edge Reflow, which helps to develop adaptive web pages that change the structure, depending on which device they are viewed on. The second development — Edge Code Editor for programmers, which includes a real -time preview, as well as the ability to edit CSS and JavaScript in working with HTML mode. Access to the new Phonegap Build Cloud Service, designed to develop applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Webos, BlackBerry OS, Bada and Symbian using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


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