Adobe Systems prepares a powerful Photoshop alternative for iPhone and iPad

However, soon the situation may change for the better. In October, Adobe Systems will hold a specialized conference for developers and creative professionals called MAX, in which it will present a new application for editing images. It received the working name Project Rigel and is announced exclusively for the Apple Mobile devices of the iPhone and iPad family. The editor will be free, and its main distinguishing feature will be a simple and visual interface that is not at all like a pile of functions incomprehensible to an unprepared person from the PC version of Photoshop.

«The Project Rigel is designed and built in such a way that, on the one hand, to satisfy the requests of professionals familiar with retouching tools on the other — be the most accessible to people who are poorly represented by the purpose of functions like Content-AWARE FILL or Spot Healing, — Explained the senior manager of the production of Adobe Products Manu Anand (Manu Anand). — Our task — make such tools more understandable and easy to use».

From other details — The Project Rigel will have an interface imprisoned under the features of mobile platforms like sensory control by means of touchscreen, and, in addition, will receive the face recognition function, which, by the way, significantly does not get in the desktop version of Photoshop.


  • CNET

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