Advanced Tools 1.88 – A set of tools to control the device

A set of tools to control the device. It works with the usual mode and Root users (Root users have a wider range of functions). The functioning of the program requires Root User Rights.

Description and characteristics:
File Manager
Multitab file manager with full Root access and support for FTP customers (also available as an autonomous application).
* Works from (to) four different tabs
* Operations with files between tabs (there is no need to return!)
* Access / change in the mode of the RO folder, system, data, etc.D.
* Copy, cut, insert, delete, rename files and folders
* Add new folders
* Add new text files
Integrated mini-editor of the text
* Search for files and folders
* View information about a file or folder
* Install a file or folder
* Pull / unpack files or entire folders
* View the contents of the ZIP archive
* Unpack the chosen contents of the archive
* Sending files via Bluetooth
* Share supported files
* Preservation of information from circular diagrams
* Install the initial folders (shortcuts)
* Ftp: download / upload files or entire folders
* Ftp: view the contents of FTP, create new folders
* Information and guide

System Manager
Access to internal settings, which are usually hidden from the final user. For a user without Root rights, this is a diagnostic tool (all values are available only for reading) for users with Root rights Powerful tools to configure the properties of the system, virtual memory nucleus and built -in Task Killer Android, constantly or at least temporarily temporarily.
* A lot of information about the system, memory, graphics, HW, battery
* LCD density change
* Change in dynamic memory
* Change the value of “Max events per second”
* Change the scanning interval wifi
* … And much more from the properties of the Build file.Prop
* Change value “Ming free KB”
* Change in the value “VFS Cache Pressure”
* Change in the value of SwAppiness
* Dirty Ratio and Dirty Background Ratio
* … And many other parameters of VM and SYSCTL nucleus
* Setting up the internal Task Killer Android,
* Access to special settings and information
* View file system
* View alive logCat
* Record, filter, stop, resume Logcat
* Detection Carrieriq
* Information and guide

Task Manager
To kill unwanted processes that work in the background, as well as get detailed information on processes and neglected services.
* Kill the selected application
* System processes filter (security parameters)
* Information about the launch of the service
* Lists of reliable senders (black list)
* Information and guide

Application manager
Management or removal of applications, get detailed information about APK installation packages. ROOT users have the ability to backup and restore applications, freeze and / or delete system applications (use with caution!).
* Detailed information about each established application
* Removing applications
* Freezing system applications
* Removing system applications
* Backup and recovery of applications
* Lists of reliable senders (black list)
* Information and guide

Atools terminal
Available only in the Pro version.
* Pseudo-emulator of the terminal
* Execution of Linux commands
* Quick buttons for mounting and set of permits

Sensor analyzer
* Scanning and analysis of all installed sensors
* Tool compass
* Compass calibration tool
* Magnetic field detector

GPS condition and correction
* Get all the information adopted by the GPS device
* Quick correction tool to get a fixed signal for less time
* Scanning satellites and receiving information about the initiates
* Get the address of your current location
* Use a camera flash as a flashlight
* One click for turning on / off
* Quick launch from the status of a bar in a notification line
* Hide the notification panel (full -screen mode)
* Changing the topic (3 topics in the free version. More – in the pro -version)

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