Adventure horror with survival elements We Happy Few appeared in early access

At both sites of digital distribution, you can purchase an early version of the game for only 499 rubles. According to the developers, the project has not yet reached the finish line and needs a fair update. It is planned that in early access it will remain from six months to a year, so there is not even an indicative date of the final release yet. At the moment, we are only talking about Windows-PK, but in general, the development is also carried out for Linux, MacOS and Xbox One console. At the heart is the Unreal Engine 4 technology.

«We Happy Few — This is a story about a brave heap to the best of terrible people trying to get out of the world of denial, reigning in the city of Wellington-Wells and hiding behind a mask of fun, — The authors tell. — Finding in a retro-futuristic city of alternative England in the 1960s, you will have to dissolve among its inhabitants, which are far from friendly to those who do not obey their non-considerable rules».

The world of the game deviated from the reality known to us in 1933, when during the Second World War occupied England. Residents of the city occupied by enemies invented a substance called «Joy» (Joy) to be easier to endure suffering, and this mistake has led to an anti -utopian future. Everyone who does not drink «medicine», An instant reprisal awaits, so for the sake of survival you will have to merge with others as much as possible and try not to cause them suspicion.

The players are promised several characters, a fully voiced cinematic story, from the first person, three modes — sandbox, history and well-mode — Developed crafting system and procedurally generated locations.



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