Advantages and capabilities of 4K TVs

With the advent of devices of a new format, most consumers are in no hurry to abandon the old and proven equipment. This is due to the issue of prices. But there are other factors, for example, the desire to thoroughly study the novelty, determine its advantages and the feasibility of acquiring a more expensive model.

This happened with 4K Ultra HD format TVs. This designation indicates that the device screen has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The format provides the most vivid, clear and detailed picture as possible.

Over time, the new standard becomes more affordable. On the site https: // tgrad.KZ/Ultra-HD-4K-TeleVizory can be bought 4K TV in the price range from 150,000 ₸ to 500,000 ₸. The company cooperates directly with the best manufacturers of electronics. The catalog of the technograd online store presents high-quality devices at competitive prices.


Advantages 4K TV

The new standard has an impressive list of advantages:

  • On the 4k screen, it is ideal to watch full -length films. Maximum detail creates the effect of complete immersion in what is happening;
  • The high speed renewal speed provides a smooth change in the dynamic picture, protects the eyes from overloads;
  • This is the best screen for video games;
  • The modern matrix forms a voluminous image;
  • The screen characteristics provide a high -quality picture even at a short distance.

With the advent of 4K televisors, the volume of the content of the new format was limited. Therefore, consumer doubts about the advisability of buying new items were justified. Now this problem is irrelevant.

At the moment, more than 80 television channels are broadcast in 4K resolution. Every year more and more telecommunication companies are transferred to a new format. Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services offer a huge amount of content 4K. This standard becomes the norm for video in YouTube and Vimeo.

Technograd: the best conditions for profitable purchases

The company occupies a leading position in the market of Kazakhstan. The online store presents TVs of world famous manufacturers. All proposals in the catalog have certificates confirming compliance with international standards. Technograd customers get the opportunity to buy a TV with improved technical characteristics at a favorable price. The online store provides a guarantee from the manufacturer for a long time.

The best conditions for online purchases have been created here. Each position in the catalog has a detailed and reliable description. Qualified consultants work in the online store. They will answer any questions and help you choose the best model, taking into account your requirements. You prefer to personally test the TV before purchasing? Visit the company’s offline store. Address: 050016, g. Almaty, Ave. Rayymbek, 221. Technograd is actively developing a network of representative offices in different regions of the country. You can find the address of the nearest store in Astana and other cities on the company’s website.

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