Internet centers Zyxel Keenetic are ready to switch to IPV6

After the IPV4 address space is exhausted in parallel with this protocol, the IPV6 developed in 1996, which will gradually displace the old standard, will be introduced. The principle of Dual Stack is necessary due to a large number of old equipment incompatible with IPV6.

World IPV6 launch took place on June 6 thanks to the coordinated actions of hundreds of the largest providers, including AT&T, Comcast, Free Telecom, Internet, KDDI, Time Warner Cable, XS4all, and Internet services, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo.

This transition promises great advantages: inexhaustible in modern views Address space — Even taking into account the use of a hierarchical structure for each resident of the planet, 300 million IP addresses account for, which makes it optional to use the above technologies;the possibility of transferring packages up to 4 GB, multi -adhesive broadcasting, using data protection and data encryption protocols.

Keenetic 4G

Settlements manufacturers activate IPV6 as default settings in home routers. ZYXEL also reports that the Internet centers Keenetic, Keenetic 4G, Keenetic Lite, Keenetic Giga, operating the NDMS V2 microprological.0 with the NDM Systems IPV6 Stack branded module, the tests of the IPV6 Ready Logo CE Router InteropeBly program were completely held and are included in the list of participants supporting the transition to IPV6.

This means that the Internet center does not require any special configuration for compatibility with IPV6, provided that the Internet provider provides an access service for DHCPV6.

Keenetic Giga

For those who are already using NDMS V2.0, the IPV6 Dual-Stack module is available through the system update interface. For those who want to switch to NDMS V2.0 from the first-generation micro-programs, the basic assemblies are laid out, including the IPV6 Dual-Stack by default for the models Keenetic, Keenetic 4G, Keenetic Lite Revision A and the audit of B, Keenetic Giga.

Consigning access to IPV6 via Keenetic Internet centers can already now users of some Russian providers, including Starlink and Kurkino.Net.Ru.



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