Advertising presents the iPhone as an indispensable means of raising children

Camera for the baby, instructions for brushing tooths, an interactive allowance for drawing, thermometer, tracking the location of the dog, video conference, artistic survey and gardening, as well as a flashlight — All this, according to the new Apple advertising, is a good reason for parents to purchase an iPhone 5s, which will help them in raising children and take a central place in the life of the family.

Advertising, entitled «Paternity», I followed the promo-rock telling about third-party applications and accessories for the iPhone, which allow you to use a smartphone for various creative tasks: in music, video and photo shooting, as well as medicine, especially after the announcement of iOS 8 with a built-in Healthkit platform.

By the way, the latest Google advertising is also devoted to children and the possibility of creating dizzying videos using Glass smart glasses: parents should take a closer look at new interesting products of technological companies, at least out of love for their children.


  • The Verge

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