“Rostec” made the first domestic gas turbine unit of high power

The first domestic gas turbine of high power was released by the structure of the “OSK” structure – it is intended for the erected steam -gas TPP with the name “shock” (g. Krymsk). The new unit, which received the marking of the GTD-110mu, passed the necessary testing by Ivanovo PSU and will soon be handed over to the customer.

Specialists of “gas turbine technologies”, “Inter RAO”, as well as the “Rostec” of the OSK-Saturn organization, worked on the development of the Russian gas turbine. Moreover, it was made precisely on the “CHDK-Saturn”, located in g. Rybinsk, in the north of the Yaroslavl region.

GTD-110M is the first domestic gas turbine engine, which is launched into the series, which is characterized by high power and intended for integration into both steam and gas and energy installations that issue capacity of about 115 MW and used as part of generating enterprises of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation.

Production of the turbine GTD-110M

Today, the current needs of energy companies are evaluated in dozens of such equipment, and generating organizations in the implementation of programs to modernize existing GRES, as well as the TPP will use the GTD-110M.

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