Advertising began to appear in the results of the App Store search

Adding paid advertising — Part of the Apple plan by radical updating of the application income model from applications. Earlier, in an interview with The Verge, the senior vice president of the Marketing company Phil Schiller said that Apple wants to be honest with the developers — Moreover, this applies to independent authors. Than more «populated» The App Store becomes, the more difficult it is to stand out in it to the authors of content with limited means. Paid advertising can fix it — In addition, Apple helps developers, removing abandoned applications from the store.



It is not entirely clear whether such an advertisement will harm users themselves. For example, in a screenshot published by Venturebeat, you can see that when searching for Pokemon, an advertisement for a clone Pok appearséMon Go called Catch ém. The original game is already located under it, which means that unscrupulous developers can use a new function for their not good purposes. Nevertheless, Apple really hopes that as many developers will subscribe to the experiment as possible — The company even offers «credit» At $ 100 for those who take advantage of the new opportunity now.


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