Advertising Crysis 3: what a well -dressed person is capable of

In a new short trailer, the studio did not depart from this principle, but decided to get away from a serious tone and tell how to fight enemies with the help of nanocostyum, who will not only protect the player from bullets, but also hide him from the eyes of enemies. To the peppy music and boasting, the Prophet exterminates fighters of the corrupt organization Cell and aliens under the Domole of Liberty in New New York, while not forgetting to show off.

By the way, recently, VG247 resource journalists presented a large material on impressions from Crysis 3, in which they talk about the advantages of a secretive passage of the game and even compare the project with Dishonored, without denying, however, the possibilities of frontal contractions with enemies. At the same time, they posted a new six -minute video, the action of which takes place in the swamps, and the prophet is mostly secretly and using various weapons exterminates enemies:


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